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Aug 2014 – This is a new one for me, 20″ long. I’ve found a new way of doing the hanger so it hangs straight. The colours were so vibrant in the sunshine today, I love this glass!

This one is particularly special, commissioned by the father of the groom who apparently proposed late one evening on the beach near the Cobb in Lyme Regis. How romantic! I’ve tried to depict the proposal, bended knee and everything!

August 2014 – Roy in his racing Kart and poppies in a cornfield.

WithaGee Glass Art's photo.

August 2014 – at Kennaway House for the Sidmouth Folk Festival.

The shop was closed for the week. We persuaded these lovely buskers to give us a tune!

July 2014 – Some ammonite coasters for the shop, very popular with the visitors as they fit so well with the Jurassic Coast scenery.

Variety pieces – June 2014: Grandma and her tortoises, Beer beach with its fishing boats, beach huts and umbrellas, and a wedding in Portsmouth at the Spinnaker Tower.

WithaGee Glass Art's photo.WithaGee Glass Art's photo.

WithaGee Glass Art's photo.

July 2014 – More commissions completed this week, for a range of birthdays from 6 to 40 to 60 Guess which is which …

WithaGee Glass Art's photo.WithaGee Glass Art's photo.  WithaGee Glass Art's photo.

May 2014 – I’ve had fun this week making a classic car – a birthday gift for an enthusiast who I’m told was delighted with it.  And since then I’ve met the lucky owner and been invited to sit in the actual car.

WithaGee Glass Art's photo.