I’m back and I’m busy :)

I had a lovely holiday kayaking and have come back full of new ideas and inspiration. These ideas take a little while to become designs, meanwhile I’ve been busy with summer stock.  Seaside with Golden Beach (7×5″, £35), ammonites (4×4″, £15), lots of little beach huts (5×3″, £15), red cats and couples (4×4″ and 4×3″, £15). Contact me if you are interested 🙂

150819-7 7x5 Gold beach tiny huts    150819-9a n b 4x4 ammonites

150821-2 5x3 Lots of tiny huts x4 

150821-4a 4x4 Red Cat x2  150819-4 4x3 Couple cream n lilac