Shop and Payments

This page has been tested, it’s official, it works!!  Here is a very small sample of items currently in stock in the studio.

This page uses a simple payment system for one-off purchases, so it’s not quite the ‘shopping basket’ system that other sites use. Prices therefore include Post & Packing within the UK

Use the comment box at the bottom of this page to identify your choice of items (if applicable) from within the product shown. Please contact me before placing orders for destinations outside the UK.

6×4″ Spring Flowers

Choose from a selection of hangable fused glass pictures of cheerful spring flowers. New designs for Easter 2018. Just identify your choice in the comment box below. Price includes UK P&P.


10″ curve with cats and hearts – Romantic

For the love of your life, or the cats in your life? That’s up to you! Sweet little black cats, flowers and big red hearts. What more could you want? Just say 2 Cats or 2 Hearts to identify your choice. Just £35.00 + £5.00 UK P&P


16″ x 4″ s-shaped curve – Cobalt blue with turquoise

Another delightful light-throwing sun-catching Wow-factor S shaped curve. Self-standing and perfect on a window ledge, in the conservatory maybe, somewhere it will be noticed! Price includes UK P&P


16×5″ Golden Sunrise over Blue Sea

This fabulous golden sunrise looks stunning in the winter sunlight. Shaped as a self-standing S shaped curve, 16″ long, 5″ high and 2″ deep. Find space for this somewhere sunny, then just sit back and admire it! Includes UK P&P


Also available on ETSY if you prefer, just click this link to see these items  10″ curves with Seaside Themes on ETSY

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